Geopolitics Analysis of Confronting the U.S and Russia in the Arctic



A big impact emerged in the global ecology after industrial revolution and growing trend of societies toward the industrialization and increasing population, Occurrence of two world wars, and failures in efforts to resolve the two wars, efforts of superpowers for increasing military capabilities through the deterrent weapons. These significant climate changes, especially in recent years, have led governments to focus on the environment, and special international regimes were developed around the prevention of global warming.
Realistic approach on climate phenomena is new issue that regarding the impact of climate on policy, represents a new chapter of the knowledge of geopolitics. Increasing technology and impact of Human interaction on climate change have a major impact on global warming and consequently melting Arctic ice. In addition, ecological changes, boundaries Changes, and Underwater neighboring country of these areas, has provided access and mining of vast resources of fossil fuels in the Arctic. This realistic approach with analyzing the importance of climatechange on Arctic and effects of these changes on marginal countries of the pole, especially United States and Russia, say that the Arctic will have ability to change the geopolitical balance.